WHEELER | image maker




Forgotten places, unswung swings, band halls pining for last dances. Cardboard beds in old factories, spray cans and painted walls. Decaying roses on a foggy day, dirt floors and broken dreams. Homes abandoned and left behind to insects nesting in bedrooms. Rotten wood and rusted gates...
he places I have seen.

I picked up a camera in my teens when I inherited a film camera after my mum passed. Even back then I was photographing rusted fences and obsessing over aperture. I have no idea why I bought a digital camera a few years ago. I never expected photography to be my thing but it’s been something that has consumed me over the past 5 years. I like to compose stories from what is in front of me. Working quickly and thinking on the spot. Photography has taken me out of my comfort zone like no other medium. Most of my waking thoughts are about composing images. 

Specialising in on-location, documentary style, fashion and performance photography. 

Clients include TBC Mag, Little Brown Dog, Sybella, Denz and Co., The Brisbane Collective, Brisbane Street Art Festival, Yonder Festival, Red Room Revue.

You can also find my work on Instagram at @photo_wheeler